Salvatore  Cannella

Welcome to, My name is Salvatore Cannella and I would like to take the time to thank you for taking interest in visiting my page. I have been a student at Saint Huberts in Hoffman Estates, IL for the last 8 years. As I enter into my four years of high school at Saint Viator, I hope to achieve a high level of academic success, physical achievement, and social as well as spiritual awareness. 

I have been involved in a variety of competitive sports for the last 10 years.  I am a well-rounded individual, dedicated athlete and a team player. I give everything I have to my coaches, fellow teammates and the game. Over the course of my high school career I hope to advance all of my skills to a higher level. I plan on becoming a part of the leadership committee, maintaining a high G.P.A. and staying at the top of my class. I will not only focus my time on academics and sports but also on creating social relationships and giving to charities. I will sustain my spirituality while growing in the process. Athletically, I look forward to enhancing my skills in Basketball, which I am most passionate about.